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Police Scanners, Fire Scanners, Air Traffic Scanners

Police, Fire, Air Traffic Scanners

Just select any scanner from the list below, sit back and listen while-u-surf!
The scanners listed below broadcast using either Real Player or Windows Media Player.
The Windows Media Player stations are marked with an asterisk (*).
To listen you must have either Real Player or Windows Media Player installed (follow the links at the bottom of the page).

Air Traffic



Emergency Dispatch

Live Radio From Around The World

Listen live to radio stations from around the world - Australia, USA, UK, South Africa, Portugal. Enter here

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Still can't find the scanner you want? Any of the listed scanners not working? Tell me about it and I'll try to sort it out
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To play the scanners, you need either Real Player or Windows Media Player (stations marked with an asterisk) to be installed on your PC.
To get free copies, follow the links:
Get the Real Player

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